• s9 Morning at the camp Ivan do
    Morning sunshine at the camp Ivan do 1468m which is also one of the best starting points towards different peaks of Durmitor.
  • 2 Autocamp Ivan do
    Campsite Ivan do with a beautiful view at the century-old larch forest and peaks of Durmitor.
  • s3 Massif of Durmitor from the north side
    Photo shows view of almost entire massif of Durmitor from the north side.
  • s4 Uvita greda
    View at Uvita greda 2199 m from saddle Sedlo 1907m. Sedlo is one of the two most common starting points towards the peak Bobotov kuk (2522 m) on the south side of the massif.
  • View from Otoke- Žablji potok
    Valley around Otoka Creek with a mountain massif in the background where Savin kuk 2313m and Medjed 2287m stand out.
  • Crvena greda
    View at Crvena greda 2164m from popular place for excursion called Momcilov grad.
  • Rafting on the river Tara
    We can organize different tours rafting the river Tara.


BLACK LAKE (Crno jezero) view from Medjed
Zminje (Zmijinje) jezero
ZMINJE LAKE (Zminje jezero) - place of tranquility
Barno jezero
BARNO LAKE - (Barno jezero) water mirror covered with plants
SKI Savin Kuk
SAVIN KUK - Ski center only 5km from the center of Zabljak
Deklaracija o ekološkoj državi Crnoj Gori


Rafting rijekom tarom
RAFTING ON THE RIVER TARA - experience that you will remember for a lifetime!
Pogled na Ćurevac
ĆUREVAC - the deepest river canyon in Europe.
Katun Lokvice - doživite pravi Durmitor
KATUN LOKVICE - for beginners to experience Durmitor.
Most Đurđevića Tara
ĐURĐEVIĆA TARA - beautiful bridge, built back in 1937.
Turističke informacije
INFO - Tourist information for travelers coming to Montenegro


Katun Lokvice (cottage and tents)
Why we recommend this destination as the final hiking point to all beginners? Because they, who had not yet hiked around Durmitor, will have the chance to "experience" Durmitor for the first time. The second reason is that this finish point can also be the starting point for a tour of the many different peaks of Durmitor. That sometimes involves spending a night in Katun Lokvice as well. More on that later.

From the campsite Ivan do go left towards Jakšića mlin (Jaksic mill), and following the well marked route (which goes downhill in the second half of the route) you will soon get to a glade near the Mill creek. Here you will find the info boards about trails to various locations (Bobotov kuk, Zminje lake, Ališnica, Planinica, Skrka, and Crvena greda). Go straight ahead, in the direction of Bobotov kok, then across the wooden bridge that spans Mill creek, near Jaksic mill, downstream.

Do not get discouraged right away by that steep rise after you pass the creek. After overcoming these first 30 meters in height, you will find yourself at a beautiful, almost horizontal, path through the old larch forest. Later, expect the gentle and mild rise. Also, notice on your left, through some treetops of spruces, the surface of the Black Lake which remains lower and lower below you. Path is clearly noticeable, not only because it is often used, but it is well marked too (marks are usually on the trees, sometimes on the rocks).

At one point it branches, but right after 80 meters it merges back in Kamenjaca. Kamenjaca is a weald where people tend to take a break. Then the path leads uphill through the rocky Sokina’s valleys, and after leaving the last beech trees behind us, we get to Indjine’s valleys. They are situated between Medjed on the left and Stari katun on the right. We come to a crossroads of the paths where we continue to go towards the South (the right path leads to Stari katun, Korita and Ledena pecina which is actually an ice cave). So far we overcome a 500m height difference. We continue through the col 3m to 30m wide and up to 40m high, and we pass trough its narrowest part: Brojišta. Here people used to count their sheep on their return from a pasture. Further don’t expect anything demanding. After passing the weald Male lokvice, we pass the abandoned Radul’s cottage and after the rise of about ten meters we reach a wide saddle which separates Male and Velike lokvice.

On the left is, still used, pasture Kovacevic and on the right you can notice two cottages and space for the tents around them. Further down, down to the South you can see the puddle after which the place is named. Do not forget, if you are planning on continuing hiking, to get fresh water from a nearby spring that never runs dry, which is located about fifteen meters down the path, on the left side.

Here you can now see everything that you've been watching from afar so far. Scary rocks of Medjed, screes of Čvorov bogaz, Suvo lice and Bavane (former flows of glacial rivers), Terzin bogaz, Bandijerna, Milos flow, etc.

For those who intend to spend the night, in the summer the best is to bring a tent because the number of hikers often exceeds the capacity of the mountain bivouac. And once again we remind: if you plan on continuing hiking, you can find the spring at this place - do not forget to fill your water supplies.
Brojista- view towards the South (katun Lokvice)
Whirlpool at Lokvice (Terzin bogaz, Bandijerna, Zeleni pasovi)

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