• s9 Morning at the camp Ivan do
    Morning sunshine at the camp Ivan do 1468m which is also one of the best starting points towards different peaks of Durmitor.
  • 2 Autocamp Ivan do
    Campsite Ivan do with a beautiful view at the century-old larch forest and peaks of Durmitor.
  • s3 Massif of Durmitor from the north side
    Photo shows view of almost entire massif of Durmitor from the north side.
  • s4 Uvita greda
    View at Uvita greda 2199 m from saddle Sedlo 1907m. Sedlo is one of the two most common starting points towards the peak Bobotov kuk (2522 m) on the south side of the massif.
  • View from Otoke- Žablji potok
    Valley around Otoka Creek with a mountain massif in the background where Savin kuk 2313m and Medjed 2287m stand out.
  • Crvena greda
    View at Crvena greda 2164m from popular place for excursion called Momcilov grad.
  • Rafting on the river Tara
    We can organize different tours rafting the river Tara.


BLACK LAKE (Crno jezero) view from Medjed
Zminje (Zmijinje) jezero
ZMINJE LAKE (Zminje jezero) - place of tranquility
Barno jezero
BARNO LAKE - (Barno jezero) water mirror covered with plants
SKI Savin Kuk
SAVIN KUK - Ski center only 5km from the center of Zabljak
Deklaracija o ekološkoj državi Crnoj Gori


Rafting rijekom tarom
RAFTING ON THE RIVER TARA - experience that you will remember for a lifetime!
Pogled na Ćurevac
ĆUREVAC - the deepest river canyon in Europe.
Katun Lokvice - doživite pravi Durmitor
KATUN LOKVICE - for beginners to experience Durmitor.
Most Đurđevića Tara
ĐURĐEVIĆA TARA - beautiful bridge, built back in 1937.
Turističke informacije
INFO - Tourist information for travelers coming to Montenegro


Savin kuk, along with Medjed, is the most famous peak of Durmitor which visitors can already see while approaching Zabljak, whether they come by asphalt road from Đurđevića tare or from Savnik or Trsa. It is also visible from the most visited sites such as the Black Lake, Momcilov grad or Ivan do.
Both skiers in winter and passionate hikers in summer can enjoy a ski lift - with seats for two. In fact, the ski lift route consists of two parts, after the first ride those who wish to continue riding just hop on another ski lift 1900m and go directly to the spring called Sava’s water 2212m where they get off.
Those who didn’t get tired by now will have no problems conquering the peak Kulin 2313m . However, the real adventurers will start hiking towards Savin kuk . The most common approach to Savin kuk is from the East side, from direction Motički gaj, from the road , and then along the side of katun (shepard's cottage) Poljana (which is also the starting point for the ski lift ) over Dernek and Korito to Sava’s water towards Kulina.
However, it is also possible to start at the Black Lake 1416 m, pass the nearby spring Tocak 1540m and continiue through the field Mioc 1569m until you reach the starting point of the ski lift which follows the already mentioned route. It is interesting to know that the local people consider Sava’s water very healing and it was a tradition for a long time to visit this spring on Ilindan which happens August 2nd, throw a coin into the water and make a wish. Today, the tradition has faded but still finding some left coins is not uncommon.
Savin kuk in the winter- landscape.
In the winter numerous skiers descend this medium heavy, but also demanding trails on Savin kuk.

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